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Sonika Lara

Great service. Helped me understand my credit score and what was negatively impacting it so I could work at improving my score. Definitely recommend IdentityIQ.

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Trenton Teat

Great company! First round was Awesome! One of my credit bureau’s already in the 700’s. Looking forward to the 2nd round. Thank you!

How Bad Credit Can Affect You

It raises the price of your bills

Cellphone providers, insurers, and even utility companies may worry about your score and charge you fees or higher rates.

It can keep you from getting the home you want

A landlord who doesn’t see eveidece that you can pay your bills on time may not feel comfortable taking you on as a tenant.

It affects the interest rate on your mortgage

The higher your score, the better the interest rate on your mortgage can be.

It could influence your relationships

Your credit score may affect who you end up with romantically and how long you'll stay together.

It determines whether your loan gets approved

Your credit score is the biggest factor in determining your auto-loan rate.

It could keep you from getting hired

47% of employers run credit checks on job candidates primarily to reduce liability for negligent hiring, and assess trustworthiness.**

Credit Scores From All Three Bureaus!